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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Who's Intolerant?

In this back and forth over the Cordoba Mosque, and now this bible burning story in Florida, I keep hearing that people are becoming more and more bigoted against Muslims.

We are then told not to confuse the small number of radicals in that faith with the vast majority of moderates.

Then we are told that if the Mosque is NOT built, or if the Korans ARE burned, the Muslim world is going to explode with anger and violence, because the extremists (the ones who oppose the mosque) have taken over the debate.


I'm sorry?

The extremists are the ones who oppose the Mosque, not the ones who threaten riots and murder and mayhem if they don't get their way?

This kind of blatant hypocrisy, seeking of special privilege, and the propensity for violence over any slight, is WHY people are so wary of Islam in the first place.

Piss Christ was a work of "art" where a crucifix was dropped into a jar of URINE, and was exhibited with NEA support, IE, tax-payer funds.


Let me restate that:

A crucifix, an object symbolizing and representing the most important figure and most sacred event of his life to Christians, was put into a jar full of excrement.

HOW MANY people were killed world-wide when Christians rioted in protest?

ZERO. Zip. Nada. None.

Ditto for when a image of the virgin Mary was covered in elephant dung and pornographic images.

Ditto for when a play was done representing Christ as homosexual.

Somehow, SOMEHOW, Christians manage to endure this insults and provocations without mass violence, or violence in micro, and protested these things as unfair and bigoted. That's how religions on liberal (old school) democracies are supposed to react.

Too many in Islam, however, wants it both ways. They want tolerance and understanding and sensitivity, FOR THEM, but don't want to hear about any of it when it involves something that is not to their liking. And if they really don't like it, some of them will kill you over it, and others may say, "Well, what did you expect?"

Build a mosque right by Ground Zero? We demand the right under the first Amendment!

Burn the Koran in protest of Islamic terror and violence? You better *$^%* not or so help us, Allah, we won't be held responsible for the murder and destruction we wreak!

The American public has picked up on this very selective outrage and the underlying threats that come with it, and are fed up. When, with a straight face, Mayor Bloomberg says he thinks the Times Square bomber might have been someone upset with Obamacare, they know they are being fed a diet of BS for politically correct purposes

For the record, I don't support the burning of Korans, because I think people's religious symbols should be respected, and that antagonizing them by displaying blatant provocations is not kosher. Its an a-hole move in most situations.

That's the same reason that while I understand legally the Mosque at Ground Zero may be built, it should NOT be. It's a provocative act, something which many Muslims also believe, and for people to see it for what it is and decry it, they are called bigots.

Sorry, that is not going to wash anymore.

Now the media is trying to stir up a narrative that the protest against Muslims is going nationwide, leading to things like arson and general bigotry against them.

As usual, this is something the media will create with whatever disparate incidents that occur, ignoring the larger picture of tolerance in this country despite the facts.

However, I think there is some truth here in the sense that people's tolerance for being played for fools is wearing thin. As a 9/11 family member said on Anderson Cooper last night, the Mosque controversy is a microcosm of the way the middle class in the country has been ignored on any number of important issues.

People who dare speak their minds, who dare to question the powers that be, to question the narratives being spun are called radicals, or bigots, or extremists.

They know they are no such thing, and that those accusations are code for, "We don't care what you think or what your concerns are. We intend to do exactly as we please, so shut up and take it."

Well, they are not going to take, and how hard they push back will be determined by how hard they are pushed in the first place.

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