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Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006

Evil Virus

In a previous post regarding Mel Gibson's anti-semetic rant, I made the following point:

"Three, this hatred of Jews seems to spread like a virus and is just as virulent. One can almost sense something meta-physical in it."

Hugh Hewitt comes up with the same take in an article for Town Hall. There is indeed something very eerily unnerving to all this. I remember an X-Files episode where evil was spread as virus, and people caught it through contact, physical, emotional or otherwise. Fantastic as it sounds, it had a very resonant logic to it. What else makes sense with this kind of complete idiocy?

Perhaps the "creep" factor merely comes from seeing such irrational hatred and bigotry rear its head. Add ignorance to the mix considering what happened in the world barely 60 years hence.

The Hangman Awaits

When they catch this jerkoff, he should be shot. If we lack the clarity and guts to do it, we are indeed lost.