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Monday, May 02, 2011

Got you... mother-Fucking prick.

Oh, it took almost 10 years after you brought murder and chaos here, but in the end, we tracked you down, ran you to ground, and fucking ended you.

I sat up late at night almost 10 years ago (God, how recent that seems to me) and watched the aftermath of what you and your fucking twisted ideology wrought.

I sat up again this night, drank a whiskey in tribute to the brave and intrepid heroes who hunted you down, and to the souls of all those you viciously murdered.

I hear your son also died in the attack.


I just kissed my child goodnight. Tomorrow they will wake up in a world which does NOT have you fucking in it...

...and that is JOYOUS! God IS good.

Enjoy Hell, you fucking goat molesting genocidal ass-wipe.

Burn in fucking Hell!