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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tea Party Extremism... a fantasy, particularly when one recalls the vitriol we've endured from the Left over the last 10 years.

Washington is Broke has a fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC, little video exposing the hypocrisy of both the Left and the Media over supposed extremism from Tea Party people.

WARNING! You are going to see some disturbing images and ugly language, but that is entirely the point.

Let's remember how aghast the media and the Left were over the Joker poster images, and the few depiction of Obama as Hitler (mostly from Larouche nutballs, not tea partiers) and their contention that ANY disagreement with Obama's policies was merely hatred boiling to the surface.

Note particularly the number of images and signs that directly call for the ASSASSINATION of Bush and other politicians.

Note the kind soul whose sign tells us that the removal of the World Trade Center was an improvement for New York.

Also note that this video, as well done as it is, is merely a small taste of the nasty swill the Left has been spooning out for decades, let alone the last 10 years.

Once again, the utter lack of consistency rears its head. Its do as I say, not as I do from the Left, ad nauseum, and the media for the most part plays right along.

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