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Friday, May 14, 2010

You. Are. Not. Getting. It.

Question is, is this person as dense as he seems, or does he ignore the issue on purpose? Hard to know with the Left.

Let me 'splain.

Christopher Dickey has a Modest Proposal

"All Americans—whether brown, white, or black—should be required to carry a passport showing they are red, white, and blue."

That sums up the crux of his argument, before he then goes on tearing tangets about xenophobia and vigilantism. You can read the blatant accusations of bigotry on the part of Arizona residents yourself, but its likely nothing you have not seen before.

I'd like to focus on the idea of this National ID solving the problem.

It won't. And I think Dickey knows it.

Quote Dickey:

"...if we're serious about drawing lines against illegal immigration—which is all about defining who is a card-carrying American and who is not—a national ID is the obvious first step."

Hmm, so the first step is a national ID, when one can conclusively prove that one is a citizen or not, and who is here legally or not.

Well, okay. That would certainly be one way to make things clear. And the second step?


Huh, Dickey never seems to get to a second, or third step. He's too busy calling Arizonians racist hicks, in so many words. Why is that?

Well, could it be because Dickey (must resist temptation to mock name) knows the whole problem with illegal immigration has been the enforcement of existing law, or the lack thereof.

A National ID to identify who or who is not here legally is POINTLESS if there is no concerted and unflinching effort to detain and deport those found to be violating immigration law.

All a National ID does is put even more onus, restrictions and burdens on actual United States citizens unless it is then used consistently to enforce immigration law.

I don't think Dickey is down with that whole next step, which is why he does not even bother to mention it. What I think he is doing is distracting from that issue and substitute another in its place, because the former is much harder for him to argue on the merits.

This is classic political bait-and-switch. That's why the question of law-breaking and illegal immigration gets turned into one of "racism" and "undocumented workers".

It says I can e-mail the author. I think I will and ask him about this...

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