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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cult of Personality

I think it is hardly news to say the conservatives lag far behind in the message conveyance area.

They don't have the left's skill, ability and experience for creative ways to spread their message, thinking that being right, as in correct, should be sufficient to get their point across.

Sadly, it is not, and the left steals marches on them all the time by propagandizing their message in all sorts of flashy, creative and entertaining ways, even if that message is poison.

However, I have lately seen more and more evidence that conservatives and libertarians are getting more and more savvy in this area, trying to compete against the left in their own media arena, and getting progressively (if you will excuse the expression) better at it.

Iron Man 2, for one, has themes and dialogue in it that astounds me.

“I’m tired of the liberal agenda” - Tony Stark

Huh? What? How did this get in a Hollywood movie?

Well, the dirty (joyous) little secret may be that stars like Robert Downey Jr. and directors like Jon Favreau may not be down with the whole Progressive liberal agenda. My post about the Dark Knight also showed that not everyone in Tinsel Down is a mindless liberal drone. I suspect that there are others, and their numbers are swelling.

This is all well and good, but we need more of this, need it to build to a maelstrom of media bombarding the public with the facts, layed out in an engaging style.

Case in point is this video. (Hat-Tip Instapundit)

I myself had thought "Cult of Personality" would make a great political music video, along these lines, but Rachel here went ahead and actually did, driven to it to express her outrage over what is going on with the country. I would have done some things a litte differently, put a little more damning facts in, but the point is, Rachel did it her way, and it comes off as stirring.

Now, one can make the point that this woman may not be conservative or libertarian, in the sense that as a Democrat, her party has shifted out from under feet and lurched far left, leaving her stranded. She mentions joining the Tea Party, not the Libertarian or Republican.

I think that's a pointless distinction. Who cares? She's taking a stand, thinking for herself, and acting.

The point is that the growing Progressive monster which the government is becoming is being met by a growing insurgency of opposition which is using more of the Progressive's own tools against it.

The propagandist masters are finding that the enemy can play at their own game. I get a chill thinking about the ideological media war to come.

This makes me think I need to do a post redefine the battle lines in the United States. I am sure someone else more politically savvy and smart has done it, and if I find it, I will post and comment.

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