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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson - Anti-Semite?

In regards to the Mel Gibson incident, I'm afraid this kinda puts me over the top as far as believing he is anti-semitic.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt throughout the rumors to the effect and despite his dad apparently a fanatic on the subject (I don't think it is fair to hold someone to account for their parent's foibles unless the person directly supports them). I thought some of the anti-semitic charges might have had to do with other biases, including anti-Christian ones. The fact that he was currently playing the role of maverick in the sleazy Hollywood biz I thought may have played a part as well.

However, this incident, with the "Protocols of Zion" rhetoric, claiming Jews are responsible for all the wars comment, is pretty disturbing and hard to excuse.

Yeah, yeah, I know he was drunk.

I know that all of us have prejudices and dark thoughts that we have to contain and control, and getting blitzed lowers those restraints.

Being a civilized, decent person does not mean your don’t have any prejudices or evil thoughts. It means being able to control them, using reason and compassion to counter those impulses.

I would never judge a person on a single incident because of all this, but as a pattern emerges, one has to draw certain conclusions.

It is disappointing for several reasons.

One, I have enjoyed Gibson as an actor, as a director, and his apparent lack of ego despite his success. I thought of him as decent guy, considering.

Two, it seems to confirm that one cannot be work in movies without being some kind of basket case or nut-job.

Three, this hatred of Jews seems to spread like a virus and is just as virulent. One can almost sense something meta-physical in it.

Now it appears Gibson is entering rehab. Hope it helps. Perhaps Hezbollah, Hamas and a good portion of the left needs to enter rehab as well.

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