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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dance, Monkey, Dance...

One of the things I try to warn my progressive friends about government largesse (which is really taxpayer fleecing and redistribution) is that when you come to rely on it, the government gains power over you.

Whether it is housing or food stamps or loans or WHATEVER, when you come to rely on it, the government can then threaten to take it away unless you do their bidding.

HOW people do not understand this principle, I cannot fathom.  It is a common theme in entertainment, i.e., someone gets in deep with someone for money or a favor granted, and then is horrified when the bill comes due.

Another case in point...

"sweeping speech codes just imposed by the Departments of Justice and Education on virtually every college campus in the United States...states "sexual harassment should be more broadly defined as 'any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature," including "verbal conduct."  The new rules apply to all colleges and universities receiving any sort of federal money, including Pell grants, federally backed student loans, and more. The letter contends the conduct in question need not be offensive to an "objectively reasonable person of the same gender in the same situation." That means that there is effectively no check on what might count as harassment. Course materials, overheard comments, stupid jokes - it's all potentially actionable."
Now, many politically correct progressive nimrods may be perfectly FINE with these speech codes, and would welcome the Feds getting involved.
But the point here is that if you DON'T agree with this policy, if you think it is utter horse shit and/or a gruesome example of fascistic overreach by a government out of control, then suck it up unless you go to one of the FEW institutions of learning which don't take handouts.
Even if you are independently supporting yourself in a university or college, the institution to which you go IS not.  It relies on that government cheese.  SO, if it wants to keep raking in the Federal money (which is yours, BTW, or it WAS), it will clamp down on you and your speech to remain compliant.
This, in another form, is the same scam the IRS was pulling with its intimidation audits.  They have the power to hurt or even ruin you financially if you DARE speak out about things they don't want to hear.
If you are not chilled by this, you are either a blithering idiot, or a closet fascist.  

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