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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sorry, No Bogeymen Today

As I am sure thousands, maybe millions at this point, of people have experienced by now, I received a call from the Republican National Committee, asking for donations. A young woman, sounding very much of college age, told me she was calling on behalf on the RNC for a donation.

Wow, I thought. Here's the opportunity that I have only read about here-to-for.

"Yes," I said, "What's up?"

I let her do her pitch, asking for cash ($50) politely, and then told her:

"Listen, I am sure you have heard this a lot by now, but I am waiting to see what does or does not happen with this current immigration bill. I am not happy with the current stance many Republicans are taking on it, and I won't be giving any cash for now."

She was very conciliatory, saying she understood that a lot of people are upset right now, but they are trying to get ready for this next election so they can prevent Hillary or Obama from becoming president. How about $35?

Mentally rolling my eyes (I mean, she could not SEE me do it, you know?), I replied:

"Look, a Hillary or Obama for president is not what is of concern to me. I am concerned that Republicans are not listening to their constituents on this immigration issue. I am not feeling represented, and although I have given money in the past, I have no intention of giving any money right now."

She continued on, again very polite and understanding, but I felt that I had been polite as well, and my standard rule is if you don't take my wave off at the second try, niceties are over. So I hung up the phone as she blabbed.

I did not tear her a new one because she's just some kid hired to do a job which is to collect money for an organization I had previously supported. Like most telemarketers, you could tell she was working of a script.

Regarding that script, RNC; the Obama or Hillary bogeyman is not going to work. You tried that before in previous elections, telling us how bad things were going to be under Democrats. It worked for a couple of whirls, but as you MIGHT recall, it fell flat on its face in this last election because you lot were acting not much different than them. We decided the difference was no difference, and we were fed up. Now? We're pissed. Get the hint.

Do I want to see a Hillary or Obama presidency? HELL NO! on the first, and Not Really on the second, but what does it matter if you are going to sell us down the river anyway? It appears that whether Republican or Democratic, we can expect arrogance, runaway spending and unsecured borders from our leaders. So, WHY am I going to fork over $50 to you guys again? Why not keep the money for a rainy day, or for when the world finally does go completely to hell? I might need it.

You can't dress up in a cape and plastic fangs and jump out yelling, "Blah! OBAMA! Blah-Blah! Hillary!" and expect us to scramble for the Republican ticket, guys. If we are going to get indifference and corruption either way, why spend anything extra to get it?

Bottom line?

Clean. Up. Your. Act.

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